Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dec.1979 vs. Sept.1980

The top photo was taken at Christmas '79. The bottom was a school picture from 6th grade in 1980. When I found the top photo I studied it. I wanted to jump in the picture and prepare the little girl on Santa's lap. Something like: "Hey, the bottom is going to drop out in 2-3 weeks, shape up, love on your mom, do all you can to make things right". But that is impossible so I just compared the two pictures. The dress in the bottom picture was something I picked out at JCPenney at Midway Mall. It was pitiful shopping for myself when I longed for my mother to help me. I couldn't turn to my dad: I did not feel nor see him as a strong person to lean on. He leaned on me. I also learned at this time how to temporarily medicate myself with shopping. The "buy-high" as it is called. I'm glad that God has healed me of that area but back then it was my medicine when I was grieving.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Helen Louise: age 4

I love this picture of my mother! Her hair bow and the way her legs are cross sitting on the chair are so sweet! No Olan Mills photo places here, just a chair out in the yard with some beautiful flowers for a back drop. Don't you sometimes wish it was still that simple with kids today? I think we do way more for our kids than we have to. We buy bigger houses, more stuff and try to compete with neighbors and family. One thing I have noticed today is a lack of participation in things. Are we too busy trying to schedule in obligations that we don't have "time" to schedule family time or church time? The saddest thing to me is when an event is cancelled due to a lack of participation. Like a reunion or a church event. We went to a reunion recently and (I have seen this before) although the turnout was better than the year before, it was still scant. There were pictures there of past reunions in the 1920's-60's and the people that turned out for these family events were numerous! Not so today...why is it that family is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that God gave us to treasure (relationships!) and we just toss it to the side? Modern things are great, if it were not for this computer I would not be able to share these memories with you from hundreds of miles away. But, just today, think about your next family (church family or your own family) gathering and decide that you will be a part of it. Expect nothing in return except to give of your time. And as my mother used to say: "Holly, life is just too short!"

Easy Rider

I don't know what kind of a bike this was that my mother was riding but it looks pretty nice. This photo is from the early 1940's. My mother was probably in Junior high. I believe it was taken near their home on Pasedena. If we found that exact same spot today we might be standing in someones house!


On this particular page are some pictures that I surmise are my mother's classmates. I don't know who the girls are but there are actually more on this page than I could fit in the picture. My mother is pictured in the upper left hand corner.

Seventh grade, 1940

I came across these pictures while cleaning out my cedar chest. I just fell in love with them. I love it when you come across something that you haven't seen for awhile and then it is all brand new to you again. I have to get with my Aunt Vera for some explanation on some of the photo's though. She is my last living source.
This photo is my mother's seventh grade class. My mother is pictured smack in the middle of the second row looking front to back between the two boys heads who are in the front row. Where are all her classmates now? Most are probably gone but I am sure a few must linger.
I love seeing how nice the children are dressed and the lack of commercial-laden clothes they are wearing. No Britney Spears trash here. Now...imagine a seventh grade girl today and compare it to this picture....!

Ely School 1941

Some of you still living in Elyria still drive by this school today. It is pretty much unchanged. However, the trees are a big larger! My mother went to this school in the 30's and 40's. Since it is getting close to school starting I thought I would get right in the spirit with this posting. Ely was built in 1921, I believe. 5 years before my mother was born. I went there for Kindergarten in the early 1970's. My classroom was the set of windows which stick out to your left. Oh how I wish I could ask my mother questions about her school days....

Monday, August 14, 2006

Everything old is new again...

Washington D.C. in 1965. My parents hadn't met yet so my mother was traveling with her parents. Here are two shots from her pictures of that visit. The four of us were just there last week. So when I came across these photos of her visit, it was neat that even though I was not born yet, nor thought of, here is almost the exact same picture that she took in my collection as well. Of course, a ga-zillion people have been to DC and taken that exact same photo of looking out over the National mall to the Washington Monument from Lincoln's memorial. I took the same picture last week...she took the same picture in 1965. Cool. I just wish she were here so I could compare photos with her. And with my dad. He has the same photos (DC) from a time in the 1960's. The Kennedy graves look SOOOO much different as well. John's was a mound of dirt with an eternal flame atop of it fenced in by a white picket fence and a guard. Today it is a big granite (?) monument with his words carved in, his wife beside him and no guard. Its a big deal.

Anyhow, the second picture I am unsure of what monument it is...but the ladies in the photo are on the left, my mother and the right, my grandmother Louise.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

OH vs. MI

No photo to lure you into this entry...sorry. I have some things on my mind to share. Honestly, I think unless you are one who has been through losing your mother/father early in life (before 18) I don't think you can understand this:
Questions: Are their long term issues with traumatic deaths in which children are involved? Does it cause separation issues in adults? Anxiety? Is there a name for this?
These are some of the questions I have...because, frankly, I am trying to figure out what the pull back to living in my home state is? How can you have a decent, no complaints life here yet for 12 years still LONG to be back "home" with what family you have left or married into. I don't wear rose colored glasses thinking that Ohio is the answer and all will be well with family all the time! But for 12 years I have struggled to make MI my was not like this for me in VA. So I have this conversation with the Lord to help me sort out WHY anyone would want to go back to an armpit like OH. No answer yet, I will keep you posted.
The craziest thing is the look in people's eyes whom I tell this longing to. I see it in your eyes when you look at me like I have a few marbles loose and that I am just unstable in some way. You don't understand why we could move from a fine job, fine community (wink, wink), and kids in h.s. I don't either. I have asked myself a million times. I have tried to talk myself into loving this place. I keep coming back to it not being my home...and I want to go home-to OH. So today, I came up with....WHO CARES IF YOU THINK WE'RE CRAZY?! I am no longer going to share these things with you, you with the "oh boy she is nuts again with this Ohio moving deal-e-o". We will just pray quietly, talk quietly and if it is the will of our Lord....MOVE VERY LOUDLY!