Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bendix Bus Trip 1948

This was an outing with the girls from work at Bendix Westinghouse. A bus tour to Cleveland on June 15, 1948. The setting is on Broad St. in Elyria. If you know Elyria, you will recognize (somewhat) the old EST building behind the rear of the bus. The lady all the way to your left in the dark suit standing is my Aunt Vera. Behind her is the park or Ely Square. Right in the middle by the drivers window and the #8 looking more serious is Vera's sister and my mother's mom: Louise. All the way to the opposite end (rear of the bus) of Vera is my mom Helen.
Last weekend we were in Elyria and I passed over that same spot with my car. I imagined my mom and relatives right there posing for this picture. That is what I love about Elyria. Even though it is not what it used to be, it feels good to be where I can feel close to my mom and dad's old "stomping grounds" . Memories don't pay the bills, I have always said, but they sure do soothe the soul sometimes when grief seems to overwhelm you. The good memories sustain us, don't they? (Click on photo to enlarge for viewing)


haasenfoose said...

Another great picture Holly. Can't ya just hear all the ladies squauking and talking and carrying on making the bus driver crazy. Poor guy :) And then they all get off the bus and the sounds of those old hard shoes hitting the pavment enroute to shopping, lunch and parts unknown. Look out world, here come the girls!

Diary of a motherless daughter said...

You got it. I would love to go back in time and just sit in on that bus trip! Thanks for a great posting!