Saturday, October 10, 2009

On being back in my hometown

I can go past this house anytime I want now instead of being 4 hours away. I am also closer to the cemetary so I can "visit" my parents when I want. I feel old when I say "I just don't know where the time went" but I do think that alot. Soon it will be 30 years since I have heard the woman in the picture call my name, hug me, hold me, bathe me, feed me or just have her in the same room as I. I have lived with my husband longer than with her. When I drive around this hometown of mine I can still see her, us as a family. I drive past the Lutheran church everyday and can picture them there and picture her all dressed up for church. I can see her in alot of places as well as my dad. This is not the same town, that is for sure but I still can hold those times hostage so that for me it is a comfort. Just like looking at these pictures can make me crawl inside of them and seem them not from one dimensional but I can stand once again in that room and know what the photographer was standing next to or what he looked at side to side. I like this picture of my mom and I because she was a hands (or back) on mother. At mid forties in this photo she would get on the floor and play with me or give me airplane rides. She never acted her age.....I never want to.

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allison hop said...

I obviously didn't know your mother, but I think you have that same quality that she had. You never act your age, you silly woman! And that is what I love about you! :)

Miss you!