Thursday, July 13, 2006


I'm thinking this must be around 1977-78 since my grandpa is dining with us in this photo. From left to right are: my uncle Richard, paternal grandma Kuss, paternal grandpa Kuss, my dad at the far right, my mom and me. Taking the picture was my aunt Barbara. Both aunt and uncle are still living in Ohio. I still have this red tablecloth. It must have been cold weather judging by everyones clothing. My paternal grandma was a wonderful cook and hostess. If you just even stopped in for a short visit she whipped out this incredible spread. She would take ham and cheese and arrange it on a luncheon plate in a circular design. She had the prettiest everyday dishes and good dishes. She had gold stemware when you came to visit. She made me drink milk at dinners like this (good job grandma!) when I really wanted some 50/50, squirt or Seven-up! Her mashed potatoes had perfect lumps in them. She could grow any plant, any where and for years worked at a florist. I didn't sense any tension b/t her and my mother and they seemed to get along fine. be honest my mother was no cook. The only person who comes equals my grandma Kuss' meals is my mother in law. Now that's good eatin'!


RunningFree said...

hey, i have a pic from the 70's with that SAME tablecloth & my family ALL wearing glasses too, doing the happy "dinner-time pose"-things sure have changed since then (now we wear contacts, it's pot-luck, buffet style; eat on your fav. sofa wherever, & good luck getting any pic of my fam. during dinner w/o a scowl! ugh..if only things could be like they used to...but just WHY has our generation so idly thrown valuable traditional dinnertime away?? or maybe its just my mine? hmmm...:| anyhow, your memories together & smiles in this pic show happy times, cool.

Diary of a motherless daughter said...

I try very hard with our family to all eat together. I guess I am just a traditional person in that sense. In today's world people are just too busy to come together...I myself am guilty of this. I pray we all make more time for our families because this is what counts!

haasenfoose said...

You know what I think is sad, along the traditional family thing, is when I go down streets that have the big old colonel homes with the big front porches is that no one sits out on them. When I was younger every nght during the summer we were out there. If us kids were out running around our parents would sit out and talk or sing songs with the neighbors. Of course a little alcohol may have been involved where the songs were concerned. Now everyone hides in their houses watching 200 channels on TV or looks at the world through their computers. SAD!

Diary of a motherless daughter said... I agree!! It is so very sad and SO disconnected!! I read the other day that "porches" are making a comeback on homes. That's great but who will have time to sit on them? I like our front porch with it's swing. It is so relaxing just to sit out there. By the way..we don't have cable!